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Simulation Specialist for Dynamic Systems with Maple Classic and Modern Physics. Mathematical Modeling by Maple problems. Basic Science Teaching using ICT's. Business Data Analyst at Maple and MapleSim environment. Expertise in the development of mathematics with embedded components for mobile devices.

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Using the syntax in Maple we develop the energy with conservation equations here we are applying the commands int, factor, solve among others. We also integrate vector functions through the scalar product and finally we calculate conservative fields applying the rotational to a field of force. Exclusive for engineering students. In spanish.


Lenin Araujo castillo

Ambassafor of Maple

Group of exercises solved using Maple scientific software, with the necessary considerations of some basic commands: evalf and convert that will show the solutions with the user-defined digits and the angular measurement in sexagesimal degrees. Important use of the law of the triangle through of vector position applied to vectors in vector spaces, vector force and vector moment for engineering students. In spanish.




Lenin Araujo Castillo

Ambassador of Maple

The development of the calculation of moments using force vectors is clearly observed by taking a point and also a line. Different exercises are solved with the help of Maple syntax. We can also visualize the vector behavior in the different configurations of the position vector. Applications designed exclusively for engineering students. In Spanish.


Lenin Araujo Castillo

Ambassador of Maple

With this app you will be able to interpret the curvatures generated by two position vectors, either in the plane or in space. Just enter the position vectors and drag the slider to calculate the curvature at different times and you will of course be able to observe its respective graph. At first I show you how it is developed using the natural syntax of Maple and then optimize our
 app with the use of buttons. App made in Maple for engineering students. In spanish.




Lenin Araujo Castillo

Ambassador of Maple

With this application you will learn the beginning of the study of the vectors. Graphing it in a vector space from the plane to the space. You can calculate its fundamental characteristics as triangle laws, projections and strength. App made entirely in Maple for engineering students so they can develop their exercises and save time. It is recommended to first use the native syntax then the embedded components. In Spanish.




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Lenin Araujo Castillo

Ambassador of Maple

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