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Converting a VectorCalculus vector to a PhysicsVectors vector and reconverting it back
to VectorCalculus vector do not return the same result !
is this a bug ? Any clue ?

Setup(mathematicalnotation = true):

SetCoordinates('spherical'[r, phi, theta]);


'E_[2]'<>'E_[1] !';

spherical[r, phi, theta]


`#mover(mi("E"),mo("&rarr;"))`[1] := Vector(3, {(1) = r, (2) = phi, (3) = theta}, attributes = [coords = spherical[r, phi, theta]])


VectorCalculus(E_[1]) = true


PhysicsVectors(E_[1]) = false




VectorCalculus(Ev_[1]) = false


PhysicsVectors(Ev_[1]) = true


`#mover(mi("E"),mo("&rarr;"))`[2] := Vector[row](3, {(1) = r, (2) = theta, (3) = phi}, attributes = [vectorfield, coords = spherical[r, phi, theta]])


E_[2] <> factorial(E_[1])




Download BugConversion.mw

In previous version of Maple (e.g. Maple 2015) I was able to copy
"2D Output" equations directly from a Maple Worksheet to MS Word.

These equations could be edited for fine element placement. In the 2017.3 version
it is does not seem to be possible anymore. When I copy the "2D Output" the image
is not copied only the text.

Is this a feature that was removed or a configuration problem ?

Thank you


I am evaluating a difficult integral of an oscillating function.


evalf(Int(f, kmin..kmax, method = _d01akc,epsilon=eps,maxintervals=1000000))

with dz>0 and possibly very large
kmin is Pi/(2*dz)
the number of cycles is nc = ceil((1/2)*kl*dz/Pi) with kl = 91.563
kmax=  kmin+nc*2*Pi/dz

Each evaluation of this integral using a call to the NAG routine (_d01akc ) eats up 


The Physics package appears broken for the tensor product of Bras and Kets.
It is not possible to describe new operators creatde by the tensorial
product of operators on two Hilbert spaces. ie H12 = H1 X H2

Download BraKetTensorProduc.mw

Am I missing something here.

Thank you for your help

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