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Hello every one,

My slideshow now contains a lot of animation sequences and take
a very long time to load and a large amount of physical memory (>20GB).

To reduce this size I have decided to convert these animations to GIF format.
Unfortunatly Maple/MaplePayer do not play GIF animations.

I decide to put URLs (image icons pointing to GIF files) in the document.
Now the GIF are play by a WEB browser (program to operate in fullscreen 
mode to minimize any disturbance in the audience with IE11).

Now the issue:
Using F11 to start the Slideshow, cliking the URL start the browser with the requested
animated GIF, that is fine, but now Maple/MaplePayer both auto-exit fullscreen
mode just after that click. The speaker (me) now need to manage the return to
fullscreen (F11) at the current slide while
thinking about what i have to
say next.

Is there any trick to prevent auto-exit from fulls-screen mode in this situation?

Thank you for your help



Hello there,

I have created a MAPLE document in a slideshow format.

Is there a way to print a copy of my presentation with header and footer included and in a format that fits on letter format paper or pdf.

Thank you for your help.


I am preparing a Slideshow with Maple 2018.2
I want to use a small laptop to do the presentation with MaplePlayer 2018.1 without purchasing and installing the hole stuff.

The presentation contains some 3d animated plots controlled by some DocumentTools,Components,Button components just
to start and stop the animations during my talk.

The Player dont appear to run (!!!)  the worksheet at startup, so the Plot components dont get an identity and the Button components dont get the Plot components identity neither to set their "play" property. As a consequence Button components appear useless.

Is there any mean to make this work?


I am using MAPLE for quantum computation.
It appears to me that the Physics[Expand] and Physics[Symplify] functions do not operate as I expected on
Kets with multiple quantum numbers. The functions no not consider the non commutative nature of tensor
products of Kets. (neither of bras incidently). It would be very useful if thos could be adjusted in some way.

Thank you for your help





[mathematicalnotation = true, noncommutativecolor = black, noncommutativeprefix = {beta, psi, q}, quantumoperators = {q}]



Physics:-`*`(Physics:-Ket(q, -1), Physics:-Ket(q, 1), Physics:-Ket(q, -1))


Physics:-Ket(q, -1, 1, -1)


Physics:-`.`(q[1], Physics:-Ket(psi)) = -Physics:-Ket(q, -1, 1, -1)


Physics:-`.`(q[2], Physics:-Ket(psi)) = Physics:-Ket(q, -1, 1, -1)


Physics:-`.`(q[3], Physics:-Ket(psi)) = -Physics:-Ket(q, -1, 1, -1)



(1/2)*2^(1/2)*Physics:-`*`(Physics:-Ket(q, -1), Physics:-Ket(q, -1))


(1/2)*2^(1/2)*Physics:-Ket(q, -1, -1)



Physics:-`*`(Physics:-Ket(psi), Physics:-Ket(beta, -1, -1))




(1/2)*2^(1/2)*Physics:-`*`(Physics:-Ket(q, -1, 1, -1), Physics:-Ket(q, -1, -1))


Physics:-Expand(Physics:-Ket(Prod)) = (1/2)*2^(1/2)*Physics:-`*`(Physics:-Ket(q, -1, -1), Physics:-Ket(q, -1, 1, -1))


Physics:-Expand(Physics:-Ket(Prod)) <> Physics:-Ket(Prod)


Physics:-Simplify(Physics:-Ket(Prod)) = (1/2)*2^(1/2)*Physics:-`*`(Physics:-Ket(q, -1, -1), Physics:-Ket(q, -1, 1, -1))


Physics:-Simplify(Physics:-Ket(Prod)) <> Physics:-Ket(Prod)



Physics:-`*`(q[1], q[2])-Physics:-`*`(q[2], q[1]) <> 0


Physics:-`*`(q[1], q[3])-Physics:-`*`(q[3], q[1]) <> 0


Physics:-`*`(q[2], q[3])-Physics:-`*`(q[3], q[2]) <> 0




Download Expand_Simplify-of-Kets.mw



I am using the Physics package for quantum mechanic.

Ket product are supposed to be noncommutative and the Simplify function
appears to ignore the propety.

I must be doing someting wrong.

Thank you for your help


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