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Hi dears,

How can I detect two equivalent matrices? Is there any Maple command for this?

Also, Is there any command to verify that two matrices have the same Smith normalform?

Sincerely yours

I need  some examples s.t. the computation of their lexicographic Groebner basis is heavy?

Thank you so much.

What is the maximal independent set of monomial ideal$<c^4a^3b>$ in $K[a,b,c]$?

How can I have a sequence as follow by using "seq" command?


Please note that I need "xi" not "x_i".

In the running of an example I faced to computation of radical ideal of the following ideal:



I used from Radical command in PolynomialIdeals package. But I dno't now why it's computation is very hard and Time-consuming?

What I have to do? I think there is a bug, since this ideal is simple, apparently.

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