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I am using maple 13.

Regardless of the doccumentation I hunt for, the help window opens and in the main window it states "No matches found."  For instance, the ?plot and ?sign commands do not return any documentation.

This started after trying to use library tools to save and retrieve data.

I have restarted the program in a black worksheet to no avail.

What should I do, and how do I avoid this in the future?


Something strange happens when you try to plot this:

implicitplot([y = 1/18*(3*x+1)^2/x], x = 1/4 .. 1/2, y = 0..10);

If you change the y range so that it is, say 1, the wabbles in the function become smaller, but they are still their.

Why the wables?  I am using Maple 9.

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