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I am using fsolve in maple 13 to find the crossing of a pair of implicitly defined functions in a triangular region.  I have been  using the startpoint option, but sometimes fsolve wanders out of bounds.  I have tried specifying the range as {x=0..1, y = 0..x}, but fsolve complains of an invalid range.  Any suggestions?




I am trying to write a procedure which takes a list of (linear) expressions in two variables and a list of assumptions on the two variables and returns all of the possible orderings of those expressions. To my dismay, the assuming facility does not seem to be working properly. I using Maple 9 on a Windows System. The following input illustrates the problem. coulditbe(mU > 1-u) assuming mU true Maple returns true! The first assumption alone eliminates the possibility of this being true. What's going wrong and how do I get this to work? If you wish, you can plot these assumptions and though at least two are redundant, there is a feasible region.
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