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These are questions asked by MTata94

I know it is very basic but…: I need the remainder of a division. I read about the "mod" operator in the Maple guide but I could not understand if it is what I need and if it works like it does in some other programming environments (i.e. Xojo).

Could you help me and, in case it's not what I need, tell me how to get said remainder?

Thank you

I'm writing this procedure to calculate a Julian date:

JD := proc (YY, MM, DD)

local A, B, z;

if MM = 1 or MM = 2 then

YY := YY-1; MM := MM+12

end if;

A := floor((1/100)*YY);

B := 2-A+floor((1/4)*A);

z := evalf(floor(365.25*YY)+floor(30.6001*(MM+1))+DD+1720994.5) end proc;

If I type:

JD(2018, 1, 11);  I get
Error, (in JD) illegal use of a formal parameter.

I cannot see where the illegal use is or why I get this message. I don't think I use anything out of the ordinary.

Could you help me please?


Thank you


I'm having this

Typesetting:-mn("4"), [4]

everytime I try a calculation. Could someone explain me what is this typesetting thing, and how can it be prevented? I haven't used Maple for a while and I cannot recall having seen it before. Thank you

Everytime I start Maple 2017 I get a window asking me to accept incoming connection even though I did not put any restriction in System Preferences-Security-Firewall.

Is it normal?


Thank you

Could someone explain, in layman terms, what dilog and polylog are?

I don't seem to understand them from the Help and I cannot find anything on the web.


Thank you

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