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Dear @tomleslie
Thank you for your kind reply.
The above code perfectly works.
Thanks a lot. 

Dear @tomleslie 

Thanks for your response.
Is it possible to save these outcomes to an excel sheet??


Thanks for your reply.

I need to display the following perticular values only 

Because the generated output not able to copy to the excel file 

Dear @sand15 

Thanks for giving your precious time to correct and obtain the solution of the problem.

dear @MAXR 

Please find the file i have corrected it


Thank you so much dear @Carl Love 

I wish to smooth and fill the above contour with different colors and also show the color map on the right-hand side.

For example:

Dear @tomleslie Thank you so much. It helps me alot

Thank you so much @dharr 

It helps me to do future works. 

dear @dharr 

I am looking for how to solve that type of problems using shooting scheme and how to obtain a dual branch solution.

Looking forward for that.

@tomleslie dear sir,

i have attached the complete problem for your reference.

Please go through it.

Thank you.


@Carl Love respected sir 

C,N,T,w are the similarity variables used in the problem 

I provided converted equations 

a and v_f are constants

In the presence means take for ex: lambda=0.5

In absence means lambda=0

Streamfunction plot is drawn eta vs x

Psi(x,y)/f(eta)=x taking sqrt(a/v_f) as constant=1.

 We have to draw a graph like this for example


dear sir,

i have rewrite the code according to your suggestion and made slight modifications 

please go through the worksheet below


Thank you, sir, for your valuable feedback.

I have gone through your modified worksheet attached. I agree with your modifications. 

seeking for further suggestions in obtaining solution.



@Kitonum  Thank you sir for your valuable feedback, it helps me a lot....

@tomleslie Thank you so much sir

I want only real values for the above problem 

So What are the further step to do solve this problem sir.

Is it possible to obtain real values 


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