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Hi, this is a small problem in af greater one for me. I'm trying to test to bigger equations if they are the same, which i suspect, the thing is, that maple wont evalb it. When i try with this simple problem, it gives me false. Can someone explaine this to me? Thank you for you help.

Hi, im trying to optimize a function with a constraint. 

I've tried the Optimize package but I can't seem to make it work. 

I've attached  an image to my question, witht the function and the constraint. I want to find the optimal "t_x"

Function: rho*ln((-beta*tau + rho)/(1 + t__x)) + sigma*ln(sigma/(1 + t__y)) + beta*tau + B - rho - sigma - beta*tau*ln((-beta*tau + rho)/(1 + t__x))

Constaint: -t__x*(-beta*tau + rho)/(1 + t__x) + t__y*sigma/(1 + t__y) = R

Hope you can help 

I have this problem, that maple wont isolate for x_1. I want to automate the prosses of any funktion, but how come it not work?

Hope you can help 

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