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I love the way Maple has transformed my understanding of math. I wonder if users can buy and download Maple from Maplesoft web site. This way any person in the world (from Michigan to Mongolia) can use Maple and really enjoy math and make important contributions to the sciences.
I noticed that commands work when I use with(student) and fail to work when I use caps as in with(Student) Am i entering the wrong syntax? Maple help says Student supercedes student package.
I enter the following and I get the "unable to load module 'rightbox'" message. Student[Calculus1][rightbox](sin(x),x=0..Pi,20) Please let me know how to fix this
I enter the symbol for Pi in Maple 10 but the program doesn't recognize it. Is this a bug in Maple?
I am a high school teacher interested in obtaining Maple 10 for my personal use (creating lessons plans etc) but can't pay the price for commercial license. Do folks at MapleSoft offer high school teacher pricing?
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