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I have Maple 10.04 running on my PC. The Maplesoft product update site says Maple 10.06 update is available. Do I have to install 10.05 update first? Or can I go from 10.04 to 10.06 directly?? Thanks in advance !
How do I evaluate a result for a certain value for a variable? For example, int(sin(x),x) get me cos(x) in Maple. How do I ask Maple to evaluate cos(x) at , say, x=Pi/8 ? Thanks in advance.
Is there a link to download a demo copy of Maple 10? THanks!!
How much is MapleSoft charging High School teachers for a copy of Maple 10? Do they get the full version??
I tried to install Maple 10. At the end the Maple installer prompts me to restart my computer. ONce I press the restart button , the installer just sits there. I rebooted the machine by depressing the on/off button. Maple seems to be working on my computer for now. Should I install Maple again (after removing it) or should I leave it alone? Has anyone else experienced the same installation situation?? Thanks!!
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