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How can I convert an expression into a function? For example, let's in the course of some calculations I get the output: x + sin(x) How can I convert this into f:=x->x+sin(x) without really spelling it out? Thanks in advance.
I am migrating to Maple from Mathematica. In Mathematica I could apply a function to a lsit. for example. In Mathematica I could.... a={3,4,5} Sin[a] will result in a list of solutions {ans1, ans2, ans3} is there a similar command in Maple??
Is there any source at that gives a comprehensive guide as to how to use Maple 10. I didn't like the Maple user manual one can download from the site. Thanks in advance !!
I am new to Maple 10. When I enter cos(pi) I get cos(pi symbol) as the output. WHen I enter cos(pi symbol) I get -1 as the output. Why doesn't Maple recognize pi as the pi symbol and get me -1? Also I get error with the following but it works when I use the pi symbol instead of pi: plot([sin(x),cos(x)],x=0..2*pi) Can't Maple tell theat pi is same as the pi symbol.
The MapleSoft site mentions Maple 11 for professionals, Maple 11 for Academia and Maple 11 for students. What is the difference between the three? Thanks in advance !!
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