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Many people seem to find difficulty in getting the information they need from Maple's help pages - witness the questions asked in MaplePrimes. Perhaps the moment has come to re-think the help search methods and rewrite many of the help pages.

May I suggest that Maplesoft gives this priority in the coming months?

J. Tarr
The question of how to scale the x-axis with intervals of Pi has been raised on a number of occasions. Inspired by a contribution from Will, I produced the procedure and examples shown in the worksheet attached below. Hopefully, Maple users will find it useful. J. Tarr View 724_Pi on MapleNet or Download 724_Pi
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One might expect to find all curve fitting tools in the Curve Fitting Package, but some are in the Optimization or Statistics Packages. Would it be possible to bring them all together?

J. Tarr
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