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 I've been using Maple since 1997 or so.

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While using a version of Maple on the inverse symbolic calculator I first described my idea for a new constant in 1999 and other people named it after me, calling it the MRB constant. While looking for an applied math purpose for the MRB constant =sum((-1)^k (k^(1/k)-1),k=1..infinity), I noticed that the absolute value of its summand is the interest rate to multiply an investment k times in k years=k^(1/k)-1. Any ideas on how this might be related to other subjects?

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What can be said about this divergent series:

 sum((cos(m)+I*sin(m))*(cosh(w)+sinh(w)),n=1 ..infinity) where m=Pi*n and w = ln(n)/n?

I have the output

table([(false, true) = false, (true, true) = true, (true, false) = false, (false, false) = false])


However, I would like it to appear somewhat like this,

(false, true) = false,
(true, true) = true,
(true, false) = false,
(false, false) = false


Is there a way to tell Maple to do that?

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