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This is an animation of the spread of the COVID-19 over the U.S. in the first 150 days.  It was created in Maple 2020, making extensive use of DataFrames.


The animation of 150 Day history includes COVID-19 data published by the NY Times and geographic data assembled from other sources. Each cylinder represents a county or in two special cases New York City and Kansas City. The cross-sectional area of each cylinder is the area in square miles of the corresponding county. The height of each cylinder is on a logarithmic scale (in particular it is 100*log base 2 of the case count for the county. The argument of the logarithm function is the number of cases per county divided by the are in square miles-so an areal density.  Using a logarithmic scale facilitates showing super high density areas (e.g., NYC) along with lower density areas.  The heights are scaled by a prefactor of 100 for visualization.

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