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Hi again all

You can enjoy this simple Maple code to find the proper divisors of a given positive integer (whole number).



here  some_proper_divisor_examples_3.pdf   file

Hope this helps

Matt Anderson


HI Maple Primes people and other interested parties,

I was a teacher for more that ten years.  Most of my teaching was at community college level.

Although I am not a biological father, my extended family is important to me.

I graduated from university two times with special diplomas.  The next two years (99 to 01) were hectic for me.  After that I went to see about females, and now I am in the happily married club.

I'm glad I kept my Maple 13 student version software because like my father, I like to make computer code.


Mathematical truth will outlast the stars in the sky.  but government and good behavior will always kick the ass of any expression.

Consider this 






Hi Mapleprimes,

Per your request.



Hi all,

Look at my pretty plot.  It is defined by


where n and m are one digit positive integers.

You can modify my worksheet with different values of n and m.


The name of the curve may be something like Curve of Lesotho.  I saw this first in one of my father's books.



Hi MaplePrimes,


These two files have the same content.  One is a .pdf and the other is a Maple Worksheet.  I explore integer sequences of the form - 

a(r) = c*a(r-1)+d*a(r-2) with a(1) and a(2) given.

Some of these sequences are in (the Online Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences) and some are not.  If we restrict c to 1 and assume that a(1)=1 and a(2) = 2 we have the parameter d remaining.  See additional webpage -

Let me know if you like the code.




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