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Hi MaplePrimes,

I have decided to look for an odd perfect number.  
I want Maple code to determine if there is a perfect number beween bounds on a factor.
For definitions of deficient and perfect and abundant numbers, see

I need some sort of loop that closes in on the edge of abundant/deficient numbers.

Specifically, an IF() statement is needed about wheather the function

sigma(a)-2*a is positive or negative.



Simple question

Got stuck

Want output to look like - 


1 5 17 19
2 17 29 31
3 29 41 43
4 47 59 61

Please assist.
Matt A

Hi again everybody,
I hope this can help in some classrooms.

This procedure has some warnings.  Someone else can clean it up.
Also, the ithprime() command can make it a bit slicker.
I did work with prime constelations project, and you can see my web page at  .

Refference .
Some prime constelations, and k-tuples, are not of 'general intrest' yet, so they are not in the OEIS encyclopedia YET!

But prime numbers are exciting.  I like doing calculations.

Hopefully someone in the next generation will take up an intrest and do what I did.


I wish the best on all of you.


Matt C. Anderson

Thank you very much, Maple Community !

I have another (hopefully) easy question about a data set



I want to imitate Online Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences .b file

reference oeis.ort/A40



Hi again,

Are there any Maple experts out there that can help me save a matrix full of data?




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