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From old memory, I recall some boolean algebra.  We have zeros and ones.

Some of us are familiar with logic gates. 

The simplest is the simple inverter.  It inverts.

Very interesting. 

Hello Maple community and others,

It has been proven that every positive
rational number can be represented in 
Egyptian Fraction form

See wikipedia on Egyptian Fractions

We have the fact that the harmonic series diverges
Let Hn = 1 + 1/2 + 1/3 + ... + 1/n.

Then the limit as n goes to infinity of Hn is unbounded.

It seems these two facts go hand in hand.

Is there a procedure in Maple that will give
Egyptian Fraction representation of an arbitrary
rational number?

I made a worksheet with some examples.




Hello again,   I'm trying to write a procedure to multiply quaternions.   We know that they can be represented as a vector of length 4.   See Wikipedia.   My try  -

qaa=[8,4,6,2] and qab =[2,,4,6,8]

end proc;

maybe needs some looping or data from a table.  



Hi all,

We want to find a curve fit for an integer sequence.

We have n such that n^2+n+17 is a prime number.

See and comments.

Use the Maple CurveFitting package.

I tried with(CurveFitting).

We do not know if this is best represented by a polynomial or exponential curve fit.




Hello World (again);

For your edification, look at  a file.


For what it's worth




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