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Doug, you are my hero. You are the greatest.

That worked perfectly. Thanks very much for your help.

I appreciate your help, it sounds like exactly what I want, but I get this for output:

> animate(pointplot3d, [plotter[c], style = line, linestyle = solid, thickness = 5], c = 1 .. 15);
Error, (in plots/animate) points are not in the correct format

It must be a syntax error of sorts, because when i do this:

> pointplot3d(plotter[1],style=line,linestyle=solid,thickness=5);

I get an output of this:



We are reading multiple polygons in from a data file. As I mentioned earlier, xcoord[ i ][ j ] is the j'th x-coordinate of the ith polygon.

xcoord[3] would be the set of all x coordinates for the third polygon.

I ended up creating a new variable array called plotter, where the plotter for the third polygon would be plotter[3][j] := (xcoord[3][j], ycoord[3][j], zcoord[3][j]) for all possible j and then used


with(plots); pointplot3d(plotter[3]);

and it worked just fine. Thanks for your help.

I decided to show an image to show you what I'm looking at here.

At the very top there are some summary statistics, irrelevant to this discussion.

The three sets of numbers represent the data contained in xcoord[1], ycoord[1] and zcoord[1]

I still don't see what I'm missing here.. I'm sorry


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