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I have an array called plotter[1..20]; each element in the array is a set of coordinates for a point plot in 3d.



output: ARRAY([1..105],[(1)=(3,3,4), (2)=(2,3,4)....etc   ]

I am able to plot them individually, but the different array elements are dependent on each other and I want to see how they change over time.

Ideally I would like to use animate3d but I don't feel like the parameters support what I'm trying to do. Is there any other function which would work for this process?

(user of Maple 12)

I'm creating a program to graph the vertices of polygons.

My general variables are xcoord[ ][ ], ycoord[ ][ ], and zcoord[ ][ ], where for example xcoord[i][j] would represent the jth x coordinate of the ith polygon.

I have all the data generated, and am wanting to plot a particular polygon of my choice, but the arrays are giving me a bit of trouble.

I'm pretty new to maple and I haven't been able to figure out the syntax for everything.

The bit of code I'm using is:


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