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Hi all,


I have recentry constructed Fourier amplitude and Fouier Power graphs which are plotted against the frequency of the oscillations, like the picture below.


I would like to change the frequency scale along the x axis into a period scale in order to Fourier analyse future ODE systems in  terms of period rather than frequency.

But I unsure how to manipulate my code to do so.


Any help would be much apreciated, and the Maple file that I am using is attached.


Thanks in advance!



Hi all, 


I was wondering if it is possible to add a colour gradient to a point plot to represent another perameter in the data.



For example, each point corresponds to a value of 'f' ranging from 0.1 to 1, and I was wondering how to display this by means of a colour gradient.






I'm trying to use Maple to plot a dependence, but Maple says there is a singularity.


Attached is the Maple file I'm using (Equation 2 and the 2 graphs pertaining to it are the problem)


They should look like the attached graph, but since Maple claims it hits unity, it won't plot any further points.

Is there a way to override this to force Maple to plot after reaching a singularity?


Any help or advice would be very much appreciated




I was wondering how to go about plotting a Fourier Tranform in Maple.

My assignment is to plot a simple harmonic equation as a Fourier transform, depicting amplitude against fequency.

I've been given: x'' + w^2 x = 0

And want to obtain both the f(x) = a0 sin(wt) + b0cos(wt) form, and a graph of the the amplitude (c^2 =a0^2 + b0^2) against frequency.

I know how to do this on paper but not in Maple, so any help with line commands and layout would be very much appreciated.



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