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I am running under Windows 7 and using the following command in a MAPLE .mw file to convert a group of .mw files to WWW format:

MapleWWWW:-Install("S:/MRBwork/Phd/SOFTWARE/MAPLE/R4&5/Conversions to MAPLE WWW/Input/","S:/MRBwork/Phd/SOFTWARE/MAPLE/R4&5/Conversions to MAPLE WWW/Output/","");
Error: FileTools:-Text:-ReadFile("file or directory does not exist: %1")
Error: FileTools:-Text:-ReadFile("file or directory does not exist: %1")

As you can see I am getting an error return. I believe I have placed the module in the right directory. As a test I ran the following:

FileTools[IsReadable]("S:/MRBwork/Phd/SOFTWARE/MAPLE/R4&5/Conversions to MAPLE WWW/Input/"); FileTools[IsReadable]("S:/MRBwork/Phd/SOFTWARE/MAPLE/R4&5/Conversions to MAPLE WWW/Output/");

So both folders are recognised by MAPLE.

Can anyone help debug this please?


I've recently uploaded an application to the MAPLE Application Centre:


I have since tried to make edits to the application and to submit them using the edit facility there, but none has been implemented. Please would some one let me know ne who can help resolve this problem? 



Having overcome a Java VM problem, I have a further problem which is now
limiting my use of MAPLE 14 on Vista:  plotting is limited to plots with
relatively few points or graphical content.

Here is an example in MAPLE 14 (in classic and the normal modes):

> with(RandomTools):with(Statistics):
> N:=400;
> rlist:=(Generate(list(float(range=-1..1),N))):
> plot(rlist,color=black,thickness=1);

This works fine up to N=170,...

Would much value shared experience or solutions on this


Hi I am in the process of solving 4 coupled PDEs, with their associated ICs and BCs and have obtained solutions up to a time t=T, but at this time I need to change one of the boundary conditions on one of the dependent variables from a value condition to a gradient condition. 1) Can this (structural) change in the BCs at t=T be built into the set of BCs set right at the start of the running the solution, and if so how?
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