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From a suggestion on another question I posted I was able to make Maple plot surfaces with thickness, and eventually able to print a graph.  Here is the first one:

There is a free program called Meshlab that allows you to import and view x3d files created in Maple.





Thank you. I did try searching but couldn't find anything. Before you replied I was able to produce the graph by filling the area under the lower curve with white colour:

 display([plot((1/5)*(x-10)^2+5, x = 2 .. 10, y = 0 .. 40, filled = true, color = white), plot((1/20)*(x-2)*(x+3)*(x-10)+30, x = 2 .. 10, y = 0 .. 40, filled = true, color = cyan), implicitplot([y = (1/5)*(x-10)^2+5, y = (1/20)*(x-2)*(x+3)*(x-10)+30, x = 2, x = 10], x = 0 .. 12, y = 0 .. 40, color = [red, blue, grey, grey], thickness = 3)]);

In the past, with older versions of Maple, I had written procedures to draw a lot of lines close together to do this, but I quit using my procedures after Maple added gridline capability, since the main purpose of my procedures were to make gridelines.


Thanks so much for the quick response.  So far I have tried the cylindrical coordinates and it works well.  I will keep the other two methods on file.   I had considered trying Paulina's method before I posted my question but I wasn't sure if it would work and I was short of time.   I also investigated cylindrical coordinates before posting but I kept getting strange looking, incorrect graphs.  I didn't know there was a piecewise command in Maple.  Good to know.   In the past I've made 2d piecewise graphs using "display".  

Thanks again for the help.  This site is a really big help.  

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