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I am trying to make a plot3d on my Surface Pro  3 running Windows8.1.

The plot looks like a ghost.  Pale grey.  It looked nice and colourful when I executed the same command on an older computer a few hours ago.  (I know it was exactly the same command because I saved the file on my old computer and then opened in on the Surface Pro 3)

Is there a way to fix this?


plot3d(-x^2+y^2-3*x+2*y+100, x = -5 .. 8, y = -5 .. 5, transparency = 0, lightmodel = light1, glossiness = 1, filled = true, style = wireframeopaque, shading = zhue, view = [-5 .. 10, -5 .. 8, 0 .. 150]);

 OOPS!  Now the problem has corrected itself.  

I'm getting worried about all the weird things Maple is doing on this Surface Pro 3.  I'm trying to make up a final exam tonight (the exam is tomorrow).

I'm trying to display a cross product in a 3d plot, as an arrow.  I'm using LinearAlgebra[CrossProduct] and the arrow command from plots.  The arrow command takes vectors in angle brackets, but it won't take the output of CrossProduct.  


I'm also confused because there seem to be two different arrow commands, one in plots and one in plottools.  If you have read in both of these libraries which one will be used?  I can't seem to...

Does anyone have experience of this?  I am trying to figure out how to tinker with a x3d file exported from Maple so it can be printed on a 3d printer.  Here is an example of something that was printed from a Mathematica file.



Is there some way to do this?  I am hoping to export the plots to x3d files with the ultimate goal of sending the files to a company that can print them on a 3d printer.  (for example, Shapeways  ) 

plot3d(x^2+y^2+2*x, x = 0 .. 3, y = sqrt(4-x^2) .. sqrt(9-x^2))


It will only plot as far as x = 2, except for one line.  Maybe because sqrt(4-x^2) is undefined for x > 2?


How can I plot over an annular region?


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