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Here is my Problem. Im trying to do some calculations with matrices included. Suppose I have a Matrix A and one B. I wanna create a new Matrix call it C (diagonal) like this. c_ii = sum(a_ik^2 * b_kk, k = 1 .. n) I get an errormessage sayin: "Error, bad index into Matrix" How can i force Maple to evaluate the Matrixentries first before trying to sum them up. At least I think thats the problem. I tried to pack them into a function like (i,j) -> A[i,j] which didn't work either. Thanks for your help Michael
I have an iBokk G4 with OS 10.3.9 and i tried to install Maple 10. After the autentification the install procedure simply stops. When i try to install Maple 9 everything goes fine, but when I doubleclick the Maple symbol it jumps a few times and then simply stops again. I always used maple on this computer until i couldn't start maple 9. I also tried to reinstall the whole os system but that doesen't helped either. Does anyone have the same problems or know a solution, that would be a great help since I need maple for my studies. Michael
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