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I'm using the BoxPlot function and am trying to change the colour of two dates in the title="string" part, so they correspond with the colours of the two related box plots. Is there a way to do this?

I've created a matrix in which each row has two values. I'm using Add(i,i=[matrixName][row element number])/2 to find the mean of each row, which I'd like to transfer to a corresponding element number in an array or a vector, but so far I can only get it to work on single rows or (if I use only Add(i,i=[matrixName]/2), understandably, the mean of the whole matrix. Is there a way to do it wholesale?

Given a vector with six elements called, say, c, how do I assign the sum of its values to a name called d without having to write d=c[1]+c[2]...?

Thanks in advance.

I hope this is the right place to ask, as the links for Maple Student Help were dead. I'm trying to assign a range of values to a name in order to solve questions about binomial distribution using variations of the function shown below:

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