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I am a beginner for Maple and I do not play, I apologize for the inconvenience, because I thought I was with Maple specialists to learn.

I had a problem when I was programing to plot a function, soory for disturbing you.



@acer Hello, I programed this, but, I had a problem in the execution.

eclosed the file in maple


It does not display the plot of the function f.



@acer Thanks bro,

Now, I want to plot the function f(u,v) for alpha=2, expressed in the attached file2ème_fonction.pdf,

N.B: the function j_alpha is the modified Bessel function of the first kind and order alpha and not J_alpha.

Thanks very much

Best ragards

@acer Thank you, I want both if it's possible


Best regards

@rlopez Thank you Mr @rlopez , I will try it.

@rlopez Thank you Mr @rlopez ,

Can you send the required code, with which I can understand well?

Best regards

@Kitonum thank you very much Mr @Kitonum.

@dharr thank you very much

@dharr , Hi Bro,


can we express function

IncompleteBellB(_k1, _k3, diff(sqrt(u^2+v^2-2*u*v*cos(phi)), u$_j1)$_j1 = 1 .. _k1-_k3+1)

with another clear function?

 Best regards

@dharr Hi, 

I want to express this formula 

IncompleteBellB(_k1, _k3, diff(sqrt(u^2+v^2-2*u*v*cos(phi)), u$_j1)$_j1 = 1 .. _k1-_k3+1)

in term of sum, using her definition in the picture.

Attached two filles for inderstanding.

Best regards

@dharr hi,

I want to write the fonction IncompleteBllBby here definition, i. e the sum of binomial ...

I read the definition in the help, it's not clear for me.

May you help me?

@dharr hi, I need to exprim it with sum if I can of course

@Kitonum Thank you very much  I forgot* 

@dharr Thank you veru much, I forgot* 

Hello everyone,

How do I simplify this formula

simplify(hypergeom([1/2, 1], [alpha+1, 1-(1/2)*n, -(1/2)*n+1/2], -(1/4)*u^2)/(u^n*GAMMA(-n+1))=diff(BesselJ(alpha, (u^2+v^2-2*uv*cos(phi))^(1/2))*GAMMA(alpha+1)*2^alpha*((u^2+v^2-2*uv*cos(phi))^(1/2))^(-alpha), u$n))

With Maple 2018.

Best regards?

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