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@Christopher2222 It appears as a bug, since Mean can be calculated for a distribution if just the intermediate identifier is used.

@Carl Love 

But aint "plot(Prev, 0 .. 1)" just a shortform of "plot(Prev(x), x = 0 .. 1)" where Maple automatically determines the argument to the function ?  I would expect the two ways of writing it to be equivalent.

@tomleslie @CarlLove

Thanks for the additional comments; that is most helpful.

Yes, I was trying this, and it did not work:  plot(Prev(x), x = 0 .. 1)

However, this works, as suggested by @tomleslie: plot(Prev, 0 .. 1)

Why does the plot not work when the argument is given ?


@Carl Love Thanks for the notice; I have selected as best answer :-)

@Axel Vogt Thank; that answers it.  Sorry, I can't upvote the answer, but it requires 10 reputation point, and I am brand new in this forum.

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