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These are questions asked by MortenZdk

I have a worksheet (.mw) file that I want to export using a statement to avoid tedious GUI clicking.

How to export a worksheet (.mw) to Maple Input (.mpl) using a statement in the worksheet, so I can just execute the worksheet, and then the Maple Input (.mpl) file is generated?


How to get directory name of current worksheet file ?


So for example if my current worksheet .mw file is saved at "c:\temp\temp\" I can get the directory part as "c:\temp\temp\".


When doing numerical calculations or evaluations it is very useful to have float results shown in numeric notation, where the exponent is 3 * n.

Below are some simple calculations:

Is there a way to make Maple show the resultin (1) .. (3) as:

  • 333.3 106
  • 333.3 103
  • 333.3 100 or just 333.3


In a local directory I have a number of worksheets that uses the same procedures, so I want to collect these procedures in a package, where the file with the package should be stored locally, since it is only relevant locally.

Is that possible, and how can it be done ?

Below z is made using different complex values on polar form, and I then need to express the resulting z on polar form with numeric values for length and angle.  However, I had no luck using evalc, evalf, or other I could find.

How can I convert z to a polar form with numeric arguments like shown below ?

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