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These are questions asked by MortenZdk

Having a function where the value is for example only defined when abs(x) <= 1, then how can I specify that the value is otherwise undefined, the replacing "How_to_specify_undefined_value" below?

When using seq function below in the second call, it does not generate a sequence of functions with 'a' being 1, 2, and 3, and I had expected. 

First seq function call is just to show that it works without the function "x ->" wrapping.

I could of couse use unapply as in the third call, but I had expected the second call to work.

Am I doing anything wrong, or is this a Maple bug?

Trying to understand how Maple works, I wanted to read the documentation.

For the "plot" statements, there is a "view" option, and I found the build in documentation in version 2016 to say:

So based on this a list should be given with two range elements, and not other valid option format was described.

However, based on examples I fould, it appeas that a single range element (giving the Y range I guess) is also valid, like in:

Where am I missign the elaborate documentation that describes the legal option type?  Or is Maple programming just some kind of guess and try hacker language ? ;-)

Below I want to explore a function behaviour using a slider to determine the value of 'a' so the function is shown in a plot, but I can't figure out how to use Explore to bind the value of 'a'.

If I bind bind the value using "a := 5", then plot works, but when binding through Explore it does not work.  I can also write the function in the plot like "a * x", but that is not as general as using a function.

How to explore function like that.

When using units, then e.g. "2 m" is show as expected below, but "1 m" shown as only "m".  Even through correct, it is a non-standard way to write physical values.

How to get the physical values in a format of "{numerical} {unit}" even when the numerical part is 1?

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