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Thank you for your help. My question, I think, is even simpler  than the way you I understood it. Basically I am asking how to write the command so that I will get the display I need. For example, when I designate in Mathematica that I need a precision of 70 digits, I know how to do it and I get a display of 70 digits or whatever precision I am asking for:


But when I type in Maple,

then I get: 

which is only 32 digits plus unneeded padding, but certainly not 70 digits of precision.


Thank you. I am on a worksheet.

Before execution, my math line is:   x:= cos(Θ)  with(orthopoly): P(5,x);    which results in:

(63/8) ((cos(Θ))^5)[G,H,L,P,T,U]^5 -(35/4)((cos(Θ))^3)[G,H,L,P,T,U]^3 + (15/8)(cos(Θ))[G,H,L,P,T,U]

Any idea why I get those additional letters [G,H,L,P,T,U] ?

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