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I assigned

before an algebraic calculation so I would like to get  or have the program print the 70 digits of the answer and not just 10 digits. Because when I press ENTER, I get only 10 digits.



My Version of MAPLE is 13.02

I have the following expression on my worksheet:


(63/8) ((cos(Θ))^5)[G,H,L,P,T,U]^5 -(35/4)((cos(Θ))^3)[G,H,L,P,T,U]^3 + (15/8)(cos(Θ))[G,H,L,P,T,U]


I do not need the factors of [G,H,L,P,T,U] and I want to delete them, but all my efforts in the past few hours are in vain. I have tried to highlight those expressions and then use the EDIT -> DELETE ELEMENT...

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