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I came across a thing that does not make sense in Maple. If you click on:

Then you will get a csv-file.

Now if you download and save that file on your computer then you can open it with:

I am surfing around looking for cloud database providers (a lot of them are free
such as Then it struck me that maple has a cloud. Unfortunatly I
dont think it can handle what I want it to do:

Wouldnt it be cool if every maple user could have a personal or public data warehouse
in the maple cloud instead of everyone having sql servers running localy with attached
cron jobs and head aches.


I have below outlined the different probabilities for different poker hands given
5 cards from a 52 cards deck. The frequencies are from wikipedia

These frequencies are quite interesting....I wonder if they found them by "brute fource"

Powerful database + Maple = Fun

Are you struggling to connect Maple with a simple microsoft access database?
Then after weeks of error messages you finally manage to connect just to
discover that the datafeed is slow slow slow ie you are driving a Fiat Punto
when you really should be driving a ferrari!

Then maybe OpenTSDB is something for you.
OpenTSDB is free software...

I have always thought that regressions has been too complicated in Maple. 
The Fit command is too fiddly ie you have to specify too many things and
it is easy to get it wrong plus the statistical output you get is far from
mainstream ie you dont get t-values, p-values, R, R^2, Adj R^2 etc etc.

I have therefore designed a module called SReg with a new procedure called Reg()
which only needs one input and that is a datamatrix. It is important however that
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