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n := 100:
nstock := 7:
corr := .8:

R := Matrix(nstock, nstock, proc (i, j) options operator, arrow; `if`(i = j, 1, corr) end proc):
CD := Matrix(LUDecomposition(evalf(R), 'method' = 'Cholesky'), datatype = float[8]):

ev := [seq((1/5)*(rand(-3 .. 4))(), i = 1 .. nstock)]:
st := [seq((rand(1 .. 2))(), i = 1 .. nstock)]:

My goal is to make maple better so here I am going to point
out another annoying thing in Maple. If you for example want to have
two plots side by side (I know your question is about two plots in the
same chart but I still think is relevant) in an array then such a array becomes very hard to delete.





plot1    plot2

Now the Array A...

If I was working for MapleSoft and I wanted to make sure that
Maple would become the best mathematics software in the world
the first thing I would look at would be my competitors.

I had a look at Mathematica's website and their marketing outline
some some very cool functionality that speak to my heart directly.
1) Integrated datasources  2) real time data analysis etc etc

I dont really like Mathematica due to their retarded programming

In the book Introduction to Maple by Andre Heck  the author manage to plot the canadian flag
in maple by using the following code:


X := proc (cc) local S, R, mapleleaf, rectangles, border:

S := proc (t) options operator, arrow; 100/(100+(t-(1/2)*Pi)^8) end proc:
R := proc (t) options operator, arrow; S(t)*(2-sin(7*t)-(1/2)*cos(30*t)) end proc:
mapleleaf := plot([R, proc (t) options operator, arrow; t end proc, -(1/2)*Pi .. (3/2)*Pi], coords = polar, axes = none, color = cc, numpoints = 1000):
mapleleaf := subs(CURVES = POLYGONS, mapleleaf):
rectangles := rectangle([-5, -1], [-3, 4], color = cc), rectangle([3, -1], [5, 4], color = cc); border := plot({-1, 4}, -3 .. 3, color = black):

display([mapleleaf, rectangles, border], view = [-5 .. 5, -1 .. 4]) ;

end proc:

Ap := Array(1 .. 2, 1 .. 2):   

Ap[1, 1] := X(red):         Ap[1, 2] := X(blue):    
Ap[2, 1] := X("green"):    Ap[2, 2] := X("Orchid"):



This blog post does not really have that much to do with Maple a little bit about mathematics though.

I started to play around with   and some quite nice things came out from it

For example :


I have not yet research the accuracy of such made claims but the below charts certainly makes you think....

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