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I am having some problem with this procedure located in the "experiment" sub section.
I am trying to calculate the win probability in a poker game pre flop ie each player
get two cards. I am trying to find out which two card combination will result in the
highest probability of winning in the end.

In the first example I simply assume that player 1 gets [DA, HA] ie dimond ace

Maple is slowly driving me insane. I look at probobly 15 cloud storage solution and I found
one that support http (OwnCloud on Red Free Hosting (free)). The rest uses https.

So I upload my file (see working link below)

I have this csv file on my website (the file is hosted on that I want to load into Maple:
Hence I type:

URL := "":
HTTP:-Get(URL, 'timeout' = 100)

Then I get:

Error, (in HTTP:-Get) timed out waiting for initial response from server

If you past the url into...

Let say that you have two datasets:

z1 := GetCSV("");
z2 := GetCSV("

Why does this not work?


P := Sample(RandomVariable(Normal(10, 10)), 500):
X := RandomVariable(EmpiricalDistribution(P)):


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