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These are questions asked by MrMarc

I want to model this game (I want an ensemble average and a time average)

50% chance you get head=win 50%
50% chance you get tails= lose 40%
Starting capital =100

First of all I need a very large binary matrix(1..100000,1..100000) however not
even that I can do fast enough in maple!

I tried:

rtable(1 .. 1000, 1 .. 2000, frandom(0 .. 1, .5), subtype = Array, datatype = float[8], fill = [0, 1])

it is somewhat fast but it does not do what I want ie binary ...

ok I want to extract data from
So in maple I type:

HTTP[Get](" _3024-AsianStocks_HONG_KONG.html", timeout = 100)

but this only give me a bunch of crap and no data and is extremly slow.

What can I do to get the data in a much more efficient way?

I am playing around with the PolynomialFit command in maple.
If I want to get a return of 1% then I can simply plug in the return at time t
for v in the expression below. That works for all different returns.

Let say that you have two matricies:

X := Matrix(Statistics[Shuffle]([seq(x[i], i = 1 .. 100)]));
Y := Matrix(Statistics[Shuffle]([seq(y[i], i = 1 .. 100)]));

For example the matrix x could be:    x[45]    x[12]     x[2]     x[10]      etc
For example the matrix y could be:    x[12]    x[1]       x[20...

I want to create a simple executable bat fil.

1) When I click on it maple should launch in the background (I dont want to see maple open)
2) Then Maple should open a txt file located on the desktop (containing a 1), read the file
and save  a new txt file on the desktop containing the number in the previous fil +1.

How can this be done?

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