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These are questions asked by MrMarc

I am planning to use the "schedual task" in windows to try to launch
maple in the background (run under some different user account)
to do some computations.

For this pupose I have designed a little counter that is located in the
Start up code region:

for i from 0 to 100 do
if DataTable1(1, 1)=i then DataTable1(1,1):=i+1:  break; end if:
end do:

the DataTale will tell me how many times the worksheet has been opened
just to check...

Does anyone know if you can schedual a task in maple ie at 12:00 add a number
to a matrix in a worksheet (Just an simple example to see if it is working)

In windows you can use the "Task Scheduler" to automate stuff that you need to repeat.

Also I dont want the actuall Maple software to actually launch at 12:00, I want everything to happend
in the background.

If you put the maple commands in the "start up code region" of the worksheet I guess it

Does anyone know the release date of Maple 16?

I want to connect Maple to a database with around 10 000 time series.
I have played around with Microsoft Access, SQL Server and MySQL.
However, none of them seems to be up to the task.

One of the problems that I had was that the connection (tcp-ip) between
Maple and the database was very slow also the databases them self did not
handle the large amount of data very well. Maples database
examples are not very helpful either. They only show "cute" examples

I am confused by the below results.

Why does LSSolve (given an arbitrary expected return) produce a higher risk
adjusted return than QPSolve which explicity is given an objective to maximize
risk adjusted returns? ie minimize Transpose(W).Cov.W-Transpose(W).ev
This to me seems very strange?!

Also, how do you specify in the objective function for LSSolve to maximize
risk adjusted returns? Now we have simply provide LSSolve with some user specified

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