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Hi all,

i have the following problem:

i had create this tiny procedure to compute the berstein base elements:

Berstein base

And so i would like print space, between B(i,n,t) and the formula corresponing, without quotes :D

In other word i would an output like this:

B(i,n,t),      ,(formula)


Thank you in advance :)




Hi all,

my problem concerns operation with complex number in Maple 18. The issue is the following:

i define this complex: c:=a+i*b

then i compute the square: sort(evalc(c^2))

and the output is: a^2+2*i*ab-b^2

So, how can i obtain an output like the following?  a^2-b^2b^2 +a*i*ab

In other word i want an output where the real part precede the complex part.

thank you in advance :)

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