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I've had several problems with my Maple installation on my Dell labtop with Xp Pro, sp2, 2GHz Dual core, and 1024 ram. When the AC-adapter is plugged in it works like a charm, but when it only runs on battery, it will not operate to its best! It slows down, and chokes on all operations. I have problems while scrolling down on the page, and everytime any item is selected. I have tried several things in the option menu, but none seem to work.. Maybe the wrong combination. The battery setting of my computer is working at optimal. I have tried with setting it to full speed and all the settings on the full scale.. Still no good.
I have just bought a new labtop computer... A fujitsu siemens. With 1.6 Dual core, 512 MB ram and Windows XP pro. At my university we are handed out the cd's for selfinstallation, but this time it doesn't seem to work. My errors are InvocationTargetException errors, even before installation begins. I have searched the internet empty for solutions, but none have seemed to help. The same problem was encountered by rhorrox, see: I have therefore tried different medias, I have burned the iso-image, this is what were handed out, and tried installing from a cd. I have also tried mounting the iso via Daemon tools. Both with the same errors.
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