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If it is brand new, there might be a problem with the username. It happened for me. If I used a username like "Nick's" the maple wouldn't open. If your username has anything other than letters, there migt be a problem.
Hmmm.. I should have mentioned it... I have speedswitch, and am very fond of it. But it still doesn't work with Max performance. I have also tried disabling the throttle down setting in bios, so that it always ran on maximum speed clock. None seem to work. And googling i have, plenty of googling. None would help.. As i have heard many others with the same problem i think there is some error in the Maple code of handling java, or a java error...
Many thanks...!!! It now works, as well with the customizing features!
I shall remember that, as it was a new one, i just ran the reinstallation process, and now it work fine. One remark though... Before i had an ! in the username? But, as far as i know that is still handled well by english unicode sets??? Could that have been the problem? Thx for the help!!
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