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Hello everyone !


I would like to know if there's a way to get simplified expressions for multivariables expressions...


for a simple example :


expand((a+b)^2) returns a²+b²+2ab

how could I get (a+b)^2 from a²+b²+2ab ?


for a more complicated example :

factor([2*x^3 - 6*x*y*z + 2*y^3 + 2*z^3])

returns :

        [2 (x + y + z) (x²  - x y - x z + y²  - y z + z²)]

but since :

2*(x²  - x y - x z + y²  - y z + z²) = (x - y)^2 + (y - z)^2 + (z - x)^2


is there a way to get that kind of simplification ?


thank you for your time


Hello everybody,


Being a beginner in maple, I tried to make some animations involving geometrical objects.

I haven't been through any problems for typical 2-variables or 3-variables functions.

However, I couldn't get to making 3d-objects like spheres/cylinders.... to grow in link with a parameter (radius, axes...)

I've found lots of procedures to get sphere to rotate but I didn't succeed in adapting them to, for example, an animation showing a growing zero-centered sphere from radius zero to a radius n (variable entered by the user).

Thank you for your reading, your patience and your kindness.


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