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These are questions asked by OleWireBender

As an engineer and not a mathematician, I'm interested most often in getting symbolic solutions to various equations.  But when I enter an equation, say, for |a| where a is a complex equation for the frequency response of a filter, Maple simply returns "|a|".  Well, I knew that!  What I want is the symbolic equation of the magnitude of the frequency response, not a parroting of what I just typed.  I have yet to find the command that will give me this.  The help file is less than helpful in this regard.  "How do I ..." seems focused on obtaining numerical solutions, not symbolic solutions, for example.  I find that it's usually much quicker to just do the math on paper.

I'm trying to lad a comma separated data set and I get an "Invalid minus error".  Neither the filename nor the data set has a minus anywhere in them.  See attached file:  SST Gm Stats.mw  

Download SST_Gm_Stats.mwDownload SST_Gm_Stats.mw

Since I can't upload a .csv file here are its contents:


Where's the "minus" let alone an invalid one?



As a new user to Maple, I'm having trouble with something that should be simple - obtaining an algebraic simultaneous solution for two variables from two simple algebraic equations:

K1= N*(R9 + R6) + R9 / (R9 + R6)*N^2 + (2*R6 + 2*R9)*N + R9
K2= N*(R6 + R9) / (R6 + R9)*N^2 + (2*R6 + 2*R9)*N + R9

K1, K2 and N are known and I want to find the solutions for R6 and R9.  I know I could work this out by hand, but by learning how to use Maple to do this simple example would allow me to solve other, more complex, problems.



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