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I recently upgraded to Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 x64. I was unable to get the "Insert Link" or "Insert Content" buttons of the "File Uploader" to work. I found that enabling "Compatibility View" seems to resolve the problems with those buttons in the "File Uploader."

Unfortunately, even with "Compatibility View" enabled I seem to be unable to comment on posts. When I hit the Submit button I am taken to the post view however my Comment does not appear.

I have been reading through the following book:

Hilderman, Robert J. and Hamilton, Howard J., "Knowledge Discovery and Measures of Interest," Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2001.

To better understand the material in Chapter 3, "A Data Mining Technique" I have written a Maple Worksheet implementing...

The HDF5 file format offers a lot of advantages for data management, particularly with large scientific datasets.  It is provided by the HDF Group [http://www.hdfgroup.org/].  MATLAB and R have routines to load datasets from HDF5 files into memory.  It would be great to have the same capability in Maple.  Has any work be done to import and export Maple data and HDF5?

While working with a 114,996 point Statistics:-ScatterPlot in xmaple I keep running out of memory.  I am receving the following output to the terminal I used to start xmaple although no errors are reported via the GUI.  Once these errors start appearing in the terminal my plot (in its own window) still responds but it becomes unusably slow.

When I click on my Maple Rank icon on the upper-right of the site I am taken to:


The content reads:

"The table below shows the number of points that each user receives for each type of posting The number of times that OptimusMaplePrime has posted each type, and how many points that OptimusMaplePrime received for all of their posts of that type"

(Note that periods are missing on the page, not just in my quotation of it.)

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