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Hello everyone,

Here is what confuses me: There is a function with the symbol "I" in it, and Maple can still plot it in the 2-d Euclidean space. And here are the details:

The function I want to find the inverse of is f := x->piecewise(x <= 2, 13-8*x+4*x^2-x^3, x <= 3, -39.13953960+64.18605280*x-29.08139810*x^2+4.011628300*x^3, x <= 9, 8.013637628-3.472493940*x+.3065739839*x^2-0.1316006154e-1*x^3)

Hi everyone,

For my research, I needed a procedure to calculate an interpolant respecting the monotonicity of the given data. The curve fitting package of Maple 11 didn't help.

I'm pasting my code below.  I hope it helps some of you too.



PS: Thanks goes to Joe Riel for his help.

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