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These are questions asked by Pascal4QM


Is there a way to symbolically evaluate this integral?

int(sin(sqrt(-x^2 + 1)), x);

I am writing a very long worksheet, 7 MB at that time. Its size should be further increased. Up-to now, everything is fine. I wonder however if at some point this could be a problem. Has someone experienced trouble with very long file? M2020.1, Windows 10, 64 bits.

Let say the procedure MyProc returns two variables as

A,B:= MyProc(…);

However, for programming purpose, I do not want to create an unused variable. Assuming one only needs B, not A, is there a way not to create and assign A?

For information, in Matlab, it is a commonly used technique. The syntax is

[~,B]= MyProc(…);

In Maple, the meaning of ~ is different, but I am looking for something similar.


Taking the example below from the help page, showstat displays the content of a procedure. This is convenient when writing code. However, to perform copy & paste, I would like to get rid of the displayed line number. Is that possible?

f := proc(x) if x <= 2 then print(x); print(x^2) end if; print(-x); x^3 end proc:

f := proc(x)
   1   if x <= 2 then
   2       print(x);
   3       print(x^2)
       end if;
   4   print(-x);
   5   x^3
end proc



The VectorCalculus package offers a convenient way to compute multivariate integral over a non-square geometry. See help("VectorCalculus/int"). Here is an example taken from this help page:



int( x*y, [x,y] = Triangle( <0,0>, <1,0>, <0,1> ) );


The question is: is there a way to draw the area “Triangle( <0,0>, <1,0>, <0,1> )” in order to quickly check that it matches the expected region of integration that one needs?

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