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Trying to navigate the MapleSoft website - my laptop died but was under warranty by HP, so now I have a new motherboard with a new HostID - so Maple 14 student won't run any more.  I seem to remember there is a way to get this dealt with, but I cannot find it on and I have homework due!!

Help!!   How can I get maple 14's fonts to be smoothed?  In Windows it seems to pick up the OS setting on smoothing fonts, but not under K/ubuntu 10.10



Hi:  I need to reinstall my student copy of Maple after switching to a new computer.  How can I reactivate?  The Maple folks don't seem to answer support emails.  I seem to recall there's a secret link or trick way to ask them to reset their activation records server?  My old hard drive crashed and now I'm stuck.  Help!   Patti

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