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These are questions asked by PaulNewton

My worksheet carries out some preliminary checks and if these fail I want to prevent or cancel any further executuon of the worksheet.  Something like (pseodo-code)

llContinue = DoThePreliminaryChecks()
If Not llContinue

I couldn't find anything in the docs or with Google.  Any suggestions?  Thanks.

This is probably trivial but I can't find how to display and allow user input of numeric values in a table.  There doesn't appear to be a component for this and I can't find a way to make text areas work for numeric values.  I am sure I must be overlooking something very simple but I checked the documentation and googled and still can't find the answer.

My document contained an inline plot component named Plot0 and was referenced in the following code

DocumentTools:-SetProperty("Plot0", value, calculatePlot())

This worked as expected. I selected and cut the plot and pasted it into a cell in a table.  Now the same line of code generates this error

Error, (in DocumentTools:-GetProperty) Attempted to retrieve property of unknown component Plot0.

The plot has presumably changed name but I can't find its new name.  I have tried changing the code to refer to Plot1 instead of Plot0 but the error persists.  I am completely mystified.

I currently have a document in which controls and a plot are displayed "inline".  I need more controls and more control over where they appear.  Ideally I need my code to display a window in which the controls are laid out and in which the plot can be displayed.  Is this possible with Maple (I know it can be done with other products)?

I have a problem in my document ( with the following four lines of code

maplet3 := Maplet(MessageDialog(warning, "No file containing dissociation constants found.", 'onapprove' = Shutdown()));

Attached are two documents.  The first contains just the lines above and works fine.  The second generates an error when run if you choose No to both dialogs, and the error appears to be with the same four lines of code (if I comment those lines I do not get an error).

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