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I would like to know how does Maple evaluate a geometric functions with evalf.




What method is used? I think about Taylor approximation, is it good idea? If not, I need to compare it with Taylor approximation.


does anybody have any idea how to simplify

> t:=5^(-n)*2^n;


> s:=(2/5)^n;



I would like to parse function name of parameters (type is function) in my procedure.
I expact for the one parameter this fun::Or(name, function(name). This is exactly the same type like the second parameter in procedure rsolve

For example:
The value of the parameter fun is y(n) and I would like to parse function name y and function variable 

I would like to know how to convert solution from rsolve 

rsolve({y(n+2)-2*y(n+1)+4*y(n), y(0)=C1, y(1)=C2}, y(n));


to this form with sin and cos

Hallo, I would like to run my worksheet document (.mw) on MapleNet server. Unfortunately, I have always got this error message "Maple Worksheet - Error, Failed to load the worksheet /maplenet/kriz/". I found MapleNet Demo on our server ( but with the same error result. Maybe there is some problem on our server, but me and our administrator don't have any idea to correct it. Thank you for help. Regards Pavel Kriz Masaryk University Czech Republic
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