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Here are some possible bugs or limitations that I have come across while working with Tensors in the new physics package. I have done best of my efforts looking into the documentation, but it is still possible that the bugs I am listing are not bugs at all but outcome of lack of my knowledge in using Maple. My intention of creating this blog is to not to criticize but to help the Physics package development team in making updates. I appreciate their efforts for developing a much needed package for areas like fluid mechanics, continuum mechanics, theory relativity etc. Platform I am using: Maple Ver 11.01 on Mac OS X 10.4.10
Maple 11 has included indicial notation capability to its new Physics package. This is a good start in performing tensorial calculations using Einsteinian summation convention. However, I wish that Maple further adds the following capabilities to make this package of practical use to folks involved in tensor analysis. This wish list is based upon my personal experience in using tensor analysis for continuum-mechanics and is in no way representative of the community involved in other fields like the theory of relativity. 1) Both covariant and contravariant indices are denoted in subscript. Including the convention of posting counter and covariant indices in super and subscripts, respectively, will help to improve the readability of the printed results.
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