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How do I permanently change the current directory on a MAC computer?


Kind regards


Per Kirkegaard

I am interested in using both in the same graph. And I am aware that i can drag from one to the other manually, but I am interesseted in doing it in a command. 

So i have 3 vectors a, b and an error. 

I can define ExponentialFit function based on a and b, and the plotting both observations, errors and the fitted function.


Per Kirkegaard


I am having problems with Maple returning corrct Answer when i use solve


solve([-sin(x) = cos(x), 2*Pi > x and x > 0], x, AllSolutions = true)

result is :

           { x = -1/4 - Pi + Pi _Z5 }   

but we have only 3/4 Pi and 7/4 Pi as solution, but _Z5 indicates all integers. How do i get the 2 solutions  and only those 2?


Kind regards 

Per Kirkegaard

We are a school with more than 600 Maple users, we have 3 Mac mashines, different types that all give us the same problem. 

When installationi problems occur we use this method.

Restart MAC computer

uninstall JAVA

Restart MAC

get new version of Java - and install.

Restart MAC

get MAPLE 17 from homepage and install. 

We get a grey window where we can see next, but nothing else.

All users have adminstrative...

I need a power regression function and I need it to be accurate, look what happens

> X := Vector([1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6], datatype = float);

> Y := Vector([1, 4, 9, 16, 25, 36], datatype = float);
> PowerFit(X, Y, x);

(1.0000000000000004) x
> f(x):=1.*x^2.;( using CTRL+L to get the result)

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